Do the math before you criticize


What is wrong with the idea that the government is spending too much money? It’s simple, the number of people who the government must serve. In 1980, there were 227 million people in the United States. In 2012, there were 315 million people. That is 33 percent more people to serve with government services. Anyone complaining about how much the government spends must first understand how many people the government is responsible to serve. Factor in inflation as well, and you will see the real truth.

In 1980, the budget was $590 billion. In 2012, the government spent $3.5 trillion. Since inflation must be considered, as well as the fact that there are nearly 100 million more people, check this out.

Inflation doubles on average every 10-12 years, meaning that what cost you a dollar in 1980 cost you $2 in 1990 and $4 in 2000 and $8 in 2010. So $590 billion times 8 equals $4.72 trillion just to keep up with inflation with 227 million people the government serves.

However, the budget for 2012 was $3.5 trillion more than $1 trillion less than that! And it served 100 million more people. So, anyone saying the government is spending too much is simply ignorant of the fact that it’s not spending enough to keep up with the times.

This has happened because the rich and corporate America have successfully convinced people that they should not pay taxes and it is all the working people’s fault. Here’s why that argument is so wrong: In the 1950s, corporate revenue was 40 percent of the federal income and now it is less than 9 percent.

I dare any tea party nut to justify their position of constantly cutting the government. We see what that has now caused with roads and bridges not being fixed and paved and education being gutted.

Tea party people are ignorant and they want the rest of us to be even more ignorant to each other. That’s not the golden rule.

— Leif P. Damstoft Sr., Warren