Denman Tire gone but not forgotten


Well I guess a lot of people are surprised to see that name again. The plant is long gone. Did we learn any lessons from its closing? Some of the employees have found jobs, a lot have not.

A little reference to the local economy: I am more than 50 years old, was at Denman for 25 years. I have had a few interviews.

Actually found a job at first rather quickly, but after a year was laid off, and then called back to part time and no benefits. And then laid off again.

Our country needs to wake up. People are finding jobs, minimum wage or a little better. Usually no benefits, or you cannot afford them. Companies and organizations need to start caring about the workers trying to survive. Not get rich, just survive.

I will continue to hope and look for a decent job. And if I find one, I will be a good, loyal employee.

To all my old friends from Denman Tire, I hope all is well. And may God bless you all. And my fellow Americans, wake up and speak up, for our country is needing to help itself.

People do matter, not just the bottom line. Because, just like Denman Tire, one day it might be too late.

Harold Hurst