Constitution should not be misinterpreted


On Aug. 18., the Tribune carried a story of D-Day in Conneaut, Ohio. I was one of about 10,000 who saw a re-enactment of the original D-Day. As we viewed this spectacle, a spirit of patriotism gripped me with pride for the GIs who gave their lives on the beaches of France in 1944.

This re-enactment is a tribute to the dedication of the group who planned and executed this logistical nightmare. The cost for all this awesome display is from generous Americans. Our hats are off to them.

Be there for the 70th year of D-Day, and be a proud American.

Today we face another struggle: Who should control our lives, the federal government or the states? Our forefathers wanted a balance between the two.

The Constitution is to be adhered to, not misinterpreted, which could lead to who knows?

Just think, the Supreme Court makes decisions by one vote, affecting more than 300-plus millions. It should be six to three. Secondly, career politicians were never right today, yesterday or in the future.

People, wake up. Save this wonderful country.

A.J. Kosiba,

World War II veteran