Bill Horton was a kind, generous man


William “Bill” Horton will be missed by Southington, that is true, but even more by Trumbull County and the state of Ohio as a perfect example of a citizen leader who did what he said he would do for his friends and neighbors without expectation of recognition.

What he said he would do was always completed without funfare and in a quiet manner. He worked for Southington, his church, the city of Warren and Trumbull County.

He helped with the Western Reserve horse show, the churches dinners, installed wifi in downtown Warren, worked on the music hall for the charity ball, the Salvation Army ringing Christmas bells, SCOPE, Camelot and anything for children.

No matter where you went, Mr. Horton was parking cars for his church, teaching Bible study classes, telling business leaders not to lose faith in downtown Warren and patronizing every charity he could find.

Thirty years ago, while sitting on my horse, a voice behind me said, “Hello. It’s going to be a nice day for a show.” It was Bill Horton astride his horse at the Western Reserve show. He and I were competing against each other in an event (Bill prevailed). I didn’t even know he knew my name, but I knew he was someone special.

Bill personally installed all electrical lights for the horse show, working from an old gray truck, up a ladder with little or no assistance, early in the morning until late at night, and then cooked six turkeys over a spit of charcoal to feed all the participants.

My son was about to get married, and as all brides and grooms, he and Heather would go over the list of guests, and Lewis said, “I don’t care as long as Mrs. Horton attends.”

Against, Mr. Horton came through a winter storm in early January to Michigan State Law School to see Lewis graduate. No one expected Bill and Bev (his wife) to make that long journey. But Bill has made long journeys for a lot of friends and neighbors to improve the quality of their lives.

This is a life to be an example to future generations. The work and service of one individual to so many of his acquaintances, friends and neighbors.

He will be missed. God bless.

Donald L. Guarnieri