Trustee was just doing her homework


I found your treatment of Jodi Stoyak in the Orchids and Onions column disgusting.

It used to be the reporters did their jobs, uncovered the truth and wrote stories to protect the people. The job of the newspaper apart from reporting the news is to question and hold accountable those in positions of power. That includes corporations as well as governments.

With fracking, you just get in line with the guys that are buying the ads in your paper rather than going after the real story about the destruction this drilling is causing.

Guess you’ll have to leave it to the big boys at the NY Times or the Pulitzer Prize winners a ProPublica. The Trib is just too penny-ante to be up to the task. It’s easier to swallow what the drillers tell you as long as it comes attached with some cold hard cash.

Jodi Stoyak is the only honest one in the bunch. She stood with her constituents who are opposed to this drilling.

The Orchid crew doesn’t care if the Mahoning River is radioactive and toxic, as long as those “campaign donations” keep coming. I left Ohio nine months ago to get away from fracking and the corruption that comes along with it.

Interestingly, “the origin of the name of the Orchid is found in ancient Greece, where the flower was associated with lust, wealth and greed.” So appropriate to give the Orchids to the pro-frackers.

The English have a phrase, ”know your onions.” It means to be knowledgeable in a subject.

Jodi Stoyak knows her onions. You clearly do not.

Darla Bruno