Some ideas simply make sense


Some think it is the worst of times here in Warren. In order to keep hope alive, please consider these ideas.

Forbes Magazine’s July 15 edition on page 38 refers to Mayor Michael Bell of Toledo, 60 miles southwest of bankrupt Detroit, and his recent successes. He has traveled to China, Germany, Mexico, India, Spain, Brazil and landed foreign investment and jobs for his city.

Unemployment when he took office was 13.5 percent; now it is 7.7 percent. Facing a $7 million budget deficit and $48 million in debt, he sold off city property, forced the unions to take concessions and cut a total of $17 million from the city’s budget by privatizing trash collections, consolidating the fire department.

His toughest challenge was getting people to face reality back in 2010 when he took office. He has formed an alliance with the University of Toledo Innovation Enterprises.

Couldn’t we form an alliance with KSU/YSU instead of the laughable Poggermyer Group? Shouldn’t we privatize the sanitation and water departments?

By privatizing, we would save on pension liabilities while generating cash for the city.

Patrick J. Quinn