Some changes need made for drilling


I am sure the populace of Ohio are aware of the issue of fracking, an option for future energy in Ohio. Fracking, as it stands, is grossly unregulated, pertaining to environmental safety, compared to other energy yielding companies settled in Ohio.

Regulations are needed for the cases in which the fracking process, that produces more than a million gallons of wastewater laced with salts and carcinogens, fails to properly dispose of said waste. The waste is shipped to treatment plants, however, a good deal of plants are not capable of properly disposing of the waste so it is then, in turn, discharged into bodies of water, streams, and rivers. Discharges of this frequency, if there is a significant amount of fracking to indeed enter Ohio, can and will devastate our beloved animals and plants that make up our diverse ecosystem.

Lest we read of a modern silent spring, I implore residents to give it their all in urging their respective representatives for a better Ohio through either regulating for the safety of Ohio’s environment against incoming fracking or to cease all support for fracking and to instead divert their attention on proposals to bring in more eco-friendly forms of energy, such as wind, water or solar power.

Safety from fracking can be achieved by supporting legislation that regulates its transport of waste and chemicals, and that requires reports of accidents and that information is provided to workers of the effects of the waste to themselves and others.

Daniel Dovala