Influences on children important


My subject is the abortion issue that has haunted America for decades, since the issue is on the front burner once again.

Now that I am a grandmother of a child born out of wedlock to my young daughter, young as in early 20s, I have opened my eyes to the horrors of abortion and the attacks on those who seek abortion.

I raised three girls. All were taught pro-life, believing that to be the “Christian” thing to do. Now, I am embarrassed and ashamed that I was so self-righteous. That in the name of Christ I had the audacity to push my will upon others; this is not Christianity. God himself doesn’t even force His will upon us. He always gives us choice. He always gives us “grace” to cover those choices.

I do not profess to be a Christian, but I do believe in the teachings of Christ. I come here today to ask that the Christian population stop the attacks on abortion, stop torturing the already hurting girls and women who go to the clinics, and focus on issues that can impact our society in a more productive way.

Those ways may include teaching our children as early as possible about the benefits of abstinence. Get Planned Parenthood out of our communities. Get the soap opera soft porn off TV, commercials included, get it out of our living rooms. (Go to an adult theater if you need this type of entertainment.) Go after the clothing industry. Lobby for laws to have women get their tubes tied after a second abortion or second pregnancy if under government aid. Sterilize men who abuse welfare and have more than two illegitimate children.

Raising a baby is stressful and demanding. With the lack of sleep that comes with the responsibility of a baby, a person can get overwhelmed and many resort to violence against a helpless infant. Many turn to drugs to help them get through the day with a child. More people treat these unwanted children with anger and hate than those who love the child or provide a safe haven for the delicate humans.

Perhaps early termination of the child would be better than a life of poverty, neglect and abuse. The aborted children go to heaven. Wouldn’t that be better? So why do the Christians want to force people who do not want to carry a child to term, to do just that.

Abortions are terrible. Especially in the later stages of pregnancy. Yes, they should work on laws to stop that; but also work on their judgmental values that are causing pain and suffering of women and children with their so-called Christian demands. Change the influences that effect our youth. Really educate them on the responsibilities of parenting and casual sex. Then we may see minds being changed and have less sexual misconduct which would lead to fewer unwanted children and fewer abortions.

Belinda Shields