Guess Bush wasn’t so bad after all


I did not vote for President Obama when he ran in 2008, because I did not think he had the qualifications to be the leader of this country. Again, in 2012, I did not vote for President Obama because he proved to me that he certainly did not have those qualifications.

However, he was elected, and like a few others who have served in this capacity, is certainly enjoying the perks as an employee of the people’s house. He did not earn his way to the presidency. He was a senator who did nothing and was a community organizer who was personable, glib, perhaps “cool” to many, and who was chosen by the upper echelon of liberals, ill-informed and guilt-ridden people of this country in order to change the United States of America into a country that no one would recognize. He touted hope and change for all. The “change” part of his slogan was certainly true; “hope” not so much.

Most of the policies of the once-blasted Bush administration were held in place by this administration and most promises made by Obama in his campaign have not yet come to fruition and hopefully will never see the light of day. It is really too bad that Obamacare was passed into law. Years ago, Speaker Pelosi beamingly stood before the American people and said that the bill had to be passed “so that we could learn what was in it.” It did pass and we still don’t know what is in it, and even if we did it wouldn’t matter because it changes on a regular basis. Why is Obama allowed to change this law willy-nilly and get away with it? The law is the law – not to be changed at the whim of our president. It appears that this law is so complex that no one seems able to understand it.

Was America perfect? No, but it was and hopefully will remain, in spite of its leadership, the best country the world has known. Politicians were elected to serve the people. It is a strange phenomenon how we perceive a politician and then once he takes the oath of office, he becomes a totally different character. Understandably, few Democrats will make waves, but the Republicans, at the present, are about as inept as this administration.

Let’s stop the madness. Political correctness is wrong and is killing this country, race relations have hit an all-time low, our allies are laughing at us and the Middle East is in total chaos. When will the American people learn the truth or the secret about Benghazi and the Americans left to die there, the IRS and other “phony” scandals, and what about the wrong dealt to victims of Fort Hood? What about our relationship with Israel or even Russia? I thought everyone in the world was going to love us on Jan. 20, 2009. Our president told the world how bad America was and things were going to change. I guess President Bush wasn’t so bad after all.

Elizabeth J. Balson