Comments on unions serve no purpose


I read the article from Aug. 7 regarding picketing by a Warren councilman with great sadness. It is bad enough that someone will attack people who are exercising their Constitutional rights, but from a fellow union member? I applaud Mr. Novak’s efforts.

As president of the Mahoning / Trumbull County Central Labor Council and a proud union member since 1975, I feel compelled to respond to Mr. Radich’s statement.

The problem with stores like Bottom Dollar is that they pay low wages, no benefits and no pension. Many of their jobs are also temporary.

These are not the businesses that help a community grow. This has become the trend in America and it is destroying our middle class.

Maybe Mr. Radich would like to go work at Bottom Dollar and give up his union-negotiated wages and benefits. I doubt it. Are these the kind of jobs Mr. Radich wants for his family? I doubt that, also.

The other issue with stores such as Bottom Dollar is that they hurt stores in the community that pay a fair, living wage and decent benefits.

Mr. Radich’s own union local does not support his opinions. One has to wonder what motivates him to attack the councilman in this manner.

I would like to clearly state that the views of Mr. Radich are not the views of the labor unions in the Valley that are fighting to improve the lives of our members. Comments like Mr. Radich’s are divisive and serve no useful purpose.

William Padisak