Buy some T-shirts for little Antonio


Antonio West was a 13-month-old white child shot in the face and killed at point-blank range last March 21 in Brunswick, Ga.

His white mother, Sherry West, was walking him in his stroller near her home before noon when two black teenage boys approached her and demanded money from her. She repeatedly told the assailants she had no money.

As she pleaded for her life and that of her baby son, the older of the two black boys shot her in her left ear and her left leg above her knee before turning the gun on Antonio. After shooting Antonio in front of his terrified Mother, he shoved Sherry West to the ground before running away.

The two teens were apprehended soon after and a grand jury has indicted both for murder.

Antonio and his mother lived in a 73 percent non-white neighborhood but the little boy’s murder has not been deemed a hate crime and no death penalty is being sought for the two teens.

President Obama has not acknowledged this horrid crime, even though this is one of the youngest children ever to be murdered. Obama has no children that look like Antonio so he doesn’t care, and the media doesn’t care either because black on white crime isn’t interesting enough to bring them ratings in order to sell commercial time.

There is not a white equivalent of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. If there was, he’d be declared a racist immediately. So there is no one rushing to Georgia to demand justice for little Antonio. No White Panther party to put a bounty on those who murdered this baby. He has no voice, no representation, no media frenzy front paging this story and sadly, no life.

I too will certainly be branded a racist for even mentioning and writing about this hideous act. I ask those who sought justice for Treyvon, please remember to seek justice for a 13-month-old baby boy blown away in his own stroller. People should tell their friends and families and remember to get T-shirts made with Antonio’s face on them so the whole world will pay attention, just like they did for Treyvon.

Rod Zeck

Newton Falls