Zimmerman verdict lacks answers


Please help me understand.

Maybe I just don’t get it. I have tried over and over again to understand. Let me see if I have this straight.

Trayvon Martin went to the store and bought Skittles and a drink. He was unarmed. He was not committing a crime. Not car jacking someone or trying to break into any residence.

Mr. Zimmerman decided on his own to pursue and hunt down Trayvon even though the local police told him not to. So he pursued Trayvon and ended up taking his life.

According to the jury, Trayvon hit Mr. Zimmerman first. I am 54 years old but if you follow me and I don’t know you or your intentions and you continue to pursue me, I will confront you also, and probably hit you. Not because I’m a thug, but because I would feel threatened in that type of situation.

Mr. Zimmerman’s job was done. He reported what he believed was a suspicious individual to the authorities. He is not a trained peace officer. He had no reason to pursue a young man that had committed no crime.

But he did. And killed him. Yet there is no consequences for his actions.

Has it become legal in America to kill young black men?

Look at Fruitville Station.

I have one question: What if they had been reversed? What if Trayvon had been in the car following Mr. Zimmerman? And killed him? Would the verdict have been the same?

We all know the answer.

Brian K. Robinson