Work needs to be done on parks


When will the city parks department realize the importance of keeping the city’s gardens and walkways clean of weeds, manicured and clear of debris?

The gardens around the Mahoning River Bridge haven’t been groomed once this year, and they are now blanketed in weeds and overgrowth to the point that pulling them will do no good, and there are now trees growing through the bushes bordering the bridge.

The garden beds, including the monuments to the police and fire departments, are also ragged as are the spaces around the log cabin. From my window I see visitors to the city wander with their cameras through those areas and can only guess what a negative impression they leave with.

Thousands of people visit our city for the concerts at the amphitheater each weekend and one would think the city would take extra effort to make that area pristine, a shining example to those visitors.

The amphitheater should be a showcase illuminating the pride Warren has in this wonderful venue, but no, that’s not the way the city operates. The ring of bushes around the flag pole are ragged, uncropped and, again, the weeds have invaded the area completely covering the base of the bushes.

The steps leading to the area behind the amphitheater resemble a Roman ruin, with cracked concrete and the ever-present rash of weeds growing in the cracks. Walking my dog down those steps, I picked up several broken beer bottles.

What a wonderful picture: cracked concrete, weeds and broken bottles lying the length of the steps. I’m sure the tourist bureau could use that propaganda to entice more visitors to the area.

Walking away from the steps toward the river, one will see grass 6 to 8 inches high, the ever-present overgrowth of weeds suffocating the roots of the unkempt bushes, broken faucets and light fixtures. It’s pathetic to see such a shining venue so unappreciated by the city’s government.

Recently, I called the parks department suggesting the community-service kids from family court clean the area and was told that it is a union job and they couldn’t commit without union approval. Why must it be so difficult when the situation can be satisfied in one weekday by supervised kids, with no cost to the city or county?

I believe the city and union involved need to think outside the box to solve this aesthetic problem, and yes, I understand that to many this might seem small in comparison to the other problems the city is facing, but as a quality-of-life situation, it can be solved easily enough by using the tools we have at hand.

With the proper attention paid, the gardens and amphitheater should become an area often visited by people from outside the area and become the light needed in attracting more positive attention to Warren and Trumbull County. Just a thought, city government and union bosses.

Ron Book