We have a freedom of expression


I’m writing in regard to Patty Fife’s letter about sagging. I too find it disrespectful and ignorant for people to walk around with pants sagging over their butts. I can’t look at someone sporting this questionable style without snapping to judgments about that person’s mental maturity, and the state of society in the modern age. It’s awful, vulgar and not very practical. But I, unlike Ms. Fife, Mr. Adkins, or anyone else who pushes for legislation to control what they couldn’t understand, would proudly fight to the death for their right to wear whatever they wanted.

The First Amendment guarantees the right to freedom of expression, so even as we have the right to loudly express our outrage at this horrible fashion choice, we also have just as much a right to express ourselves by embracing it. The First Amendment says Ms. Fife could shave her head and paint herself blue as long as nobody is getting hurt. Everybody has a right to dress as stupidly as they want, and the people who push for their government to limit those rights are enemies of the freedoms this country was founded on. I suggest Ms. Fife give the next person she sees sagging a verbal tongue lashing, as is her right, but keep her petitions off the freedoms for which so many have died that she may enjoy. God bless America.

— Mike Rooster, Warren