Parkman Road properties eyesores


I am in complete agreement with the editorial published in the Tribune Chronicle last Sunday. It is time the city of Warren becomes more responsible with its finances and key planning for improvements in the city.

I want all people to take a drive down Route 422 (Parkman Road) between Northwest Boulevard and Buckeye Street. The following properties are some of those that need torn down or repaired:

Parkman Road – 1138, 1148, 1158, empty building corner of Northwest Boulevard and Parkman Road, 1129 Parkman Road (empty apartment building), house next door to it, Olympic Inn, Story’s old gas station (empty for 20 years), empty old Hardee’s Restaurant (corner of Parkman and McMyler), old laundry (corner of Summit and Parkman Road), old print shop on McMyler and Parkman Road, Hi Class Junk Store (corner of Parkman and Maston Street), 554 Parkman Road, 539 Parkman Road, 677 Parkman Road.

The house at 1158 Parkman Road has a big piece of property that is completely overgrown butting up to our backyard, and is an eyesore as well as a breeding ground for mosquitos. There are others, but this was the result of one drive down Parkman Road with a pencil to catch the numbers. The house at 1148 has all the shingles torn off and is a real eyesore for the neighborhood and has been like this for more than a year.

Parkman Road is a main route coming from Cleveland into Warren. The condition of these properties is bringing down the value of good homes in the area and does nothing to give visitors traveling into Warren a good impression of the city.

I fought long and hard to get the old Ohio Edison property cleaned up on Summit Street, and hopefully will not have to fight as long to get Parkman Road cleaned up.

Mary K. Lewis