No need for more bureaucracy


Here is a new one for people living in northeast Ohio. Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium Initiative is here. Welcome to Agenda 21.

In an age of sequestration being used to cut vital services while we arm our enemies and disarm our citizens, cut air traffic controllers and other such services, people will be happy to learn their tax dollars are once again hard at work. We have more bloated government, more red tape and regulations being formed.

It’s $4.3 million, I believe it said, given to this organization by the taxpayers to do some of the same things a thousand other agencies already do and to lobby government for progressive policy changes that further chain the citizens.

It’s another government agency that doesn’t have to listen or do anything the people want and could do themselves in cases of things they do want.

People should call their representatives and senators and tell them no more wasted money for worthless agencies that take away our liberty.

This group will be pushing for good things like building low-income apartment complexes in every neighborhood, so everyone can share the enjoyment of crime. They will be pushing for more handouts and EPA regulations to stifle our coal, gas and oil industry, which will hurt, not help, these industries.

On their website, they label the Mahoning River as having water too toxic for a human to touch. Strangely enough, the new guidelines in the fishing and hunting regulation book, after years of cleanup without the help of this agency, say you can eat fish out of the Mahoning because cleanup has gone well in the river from a polluted past.

Strange you can eat the fish but not touch the water.

This will be another good-old-boy club where politicians’ buddies will get a paycheck from taxpayers to do nothing but take away more liberties, and push a radical, anti-Constitution agenda.

I urge people not to do nothing on this one. The money is flowing to this and needs to be stopped now.

Eddie Stewart

Newton Falls