Local officials didn’t participate


I am a grandfather of a Girl Scout who received the Gold Award, along with 57 other Girl Scouts in the Northeast Ohio region. This award is the same as the Eagle Scout Award that Boy Scouts have. I was very disappointed that there was no recognition by any elected officials in her area, including U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, State Rep. Tom Letson, State Sen. Capri Cafaro, the Warren mayor and Howland trustees.

Recognition was given by President Obama, U.S. Senator Brown, the federal and state Supreme Court justices, the U.S. Navy, FBI, NFL, joint chiefs of staff, and many more colleges and officials. My granddaughter voted for many of these local officials in the last election. It is a shame that these local officials do not recognize the accomplishments that were made by these outstanding women in their district. Shame on them.

— Thomas J. Higgins, Warren