Gawkers in the way during floods


This letters is in regard to the flooding we had in Leavittsburg. First, I’d like to thank all the fire departments and everyone else who helped for their quick response. Good job.

Now comes the problem: Number one, the gawkers. Once the news broke of evacuations, people came out from all over the area to see the water. It’s just water. All they did was get in the way of rescue personnel.

I watched a car almost hit a rescue vehicle and boat because she was looking at the water and yapping on the phone. Stay away. You’re in the way.

Number two, I couldn’t believe the parents were letting their kids swim in the water. I chased kids out of Canoe City for swimming by the launch ramp while adults watched them. The current in this river is deadly when flooded. Ask the two men rescued from Packard Park.

Number three, what is it with those people with the big trucks going through the flooded roads? Signs that say “Road Closed” mean road closed. We had people moving signs and running through the water. Fun for you, not for the people who have to get hit by the wake you cause. Do they realize the damage they caused, or don’t they care?

David A. Shaffer