Fuda’s reputation speaks for itself


This letter is in response to a recent column written by Martha Yoder.

I would first like to congratulate the Tribune Chronicle for placing her column under the heading ”Opinion,” because that is what is reflected in what she says. I’m certainly glad there are no headings titled ”Facts,” because that is not the case in her column.

I don’t know where Ms. Yoder obtained her information, but according to her, “Frank Fuda is smooth” and she “saw him in action.”

If she indeed saw him in action she would see what is very obvious – he is not smooth, he is sincere. When he’s smiling, shaking hands or just conversing with people, he is listening. His reputation speaks for itself.

Frank Fuda was a 1st Ward councilman for the city of Niles for 16 years before being elected Trumbull County commissioner, and has always been passionate about his work. Some of his current work involves goals of scrutinizing our county budget, economizing businesses, and bringing unity to the county as a whole.

I tend to think Ms. Yoder’s column is ”thinly veiled” with a political agenda in mind. Her motive is a veneer also and yes, thin throughout her column.

Fuda’s background is in education and that is one statement Ms. Yoder stated that is correct. Fuda worked for the Mahoning Valley Vocational School as a math teacher and also for the Cleveland Public School District for a combined total of 37 years in the educational system.

Although Yoder may be misled in thinking Fuda treats people like children, I know that each person to come in contact with him is treated with respect and I’d like to think the education system has a big part in that.

As far as the Berry Meadows hearing, let’s try again to state facts. Yoder relied on those in attendance for her information.

Let’s ask her exactly why a sheriff’s deputy had to be called upstairs to get some semblance of order returned to the meeting. It was not because of Fuda’s ranting, it was because the meeting had gotten out of hand. All of this happened before Fuda even entered the room.

Another poor attempt at fact is the alleged statement by attorney David Engle. Fuda never even had this conversation.

Yoder didn’t intend to sit down and write a fact-based column. Instead, she wrote a column riddled with innuendo and at times a hint of character defamation.

Yoder’s paragraphs begin with “I’ve been told,” “Those who attended,” “Many people who were there told me,” “They told me later,” and “Attorney David Engle said Commissioner Fuda told him…” These remarks further state that what Ms. Yoder thinks she knows is not the truth.

Before writing an opinion column and including information that is supposed to be factual, make sure the facts are indeed facts.

Fuda fits the description of what a commissioner should be, and because of his hard work and dedication I now know what a good commissioner for Trumbull County he is.

Katherine Wright