City has scored a zero on this test


Zero. Not a good score on your kid’s algebra test. And if someone refers to you as a “real zero,” they don’t hold you in very high regard.

Zero is also the number of houses the city of Warren has demolished this year. As a member of a neighborhood association in the Warren Neighborhood Leadership Council, we prodded and cajoled the city to pledge matching funds to the “free money” offered from the Move Ohio Forward grant. The city procrastinated, but at the last minute, pledged the funds. Now the city has procrastinated again and only has until Dec. 31 to complete the demos.

The city also procrastinated on the Avalon golf fiasco. This city has a long history of procrastinating or our law department saying something can’t be done that other cities have accomplished years before. Perhaps Warren should be known as the historic capitol of procrastination. The usual excuses, with some validity, put forth by the city such as lack of money or manpower, don’t hold water in this case. The money has been pledged, and from what I understand, TNP did a triage of sorts by cataloguing and grading the vacant properties.

The city might get this money all spent, especially since the average price of a demo quoted by the city, seems to have mysteriously doubled. Of course, this means fewer houses demolished. In closing, if the city leaves one penny sitting on the table Dec. 31, or misses out on additional funding due to procrastination, their score will be, you guessed it, a big fat zero.

— Matt Yovich, Warren