Better entertainment needed at county fair


It has been Trumbull County Fair week and another year for disappointments in entertainment.

Years ago, the fair had name entertainment. Such groups as Lonestar, Blackhawk and Emerson Drive would take the stage.

Then the fair got away from entertainment but still kept a budget for entertainment and left many fairgoers wondering why there was no entertainment. That then sparked the board to bring back name entertainment for one year, only to not have any again.

Now this year brings entertainment that may very well be some hard-working groups of people but are not very well-known musicians.

It’s a shame that every year that the Trumbull County Fair is held, there is such a disappointment in entertainment. Maybe the fair board should work a little harder in securing better entertainment, and if money is an issue, possibly having a separate ticket price – as the Canfield Fair does every year – and possibly making a better revenue for entertainment and profit for the fair.

Mark Toth