Anonymous donor helped out, too


An inaccurate account of a story in Bristol Township appeared in your paper last week. Please allow me to correct the record. Bristol Township was the fortunate recipient of two donations this year. A longtime resident of Bristol passed away, and the estate left our township a large donation to be used in our cemeteries. Her name was Stella Shaffer.

Another longtime resident, still residing in Bristol, donated $70,000 to the township for the sole purpose of building a chapel in our Evergreen Cemetery located on state Route 88 just west of town. This resident wishes to remain anonymous. This incredibly generous donation has made it possible for the township to furnish this historical cemetery with a weathertight chapel to pay last respects to our friends and families.

Recently the Tribune Chronicle reported that the Stella Shaffer estate would pay for the entire project of building the chapel. This is not correct. The story did not recognize the original idea of building a memorial chapel or the generous donation of $70,000 from our anonymous donor.

Of course you can only imagine the confusion and the hurt feelings caused by the inaccurate reporting in this story. The Bristol Board of Trustees and all Bristol residents wish to thank our anonymous donor for this generous gift.

Bristol Township

Board of Trustees

Doug Seemann

Ramon French

Mark Webb