Warren offers little for its young people


“How do you feel about living in Warren?” It’s a common question I get as a 15-year-old living here. Most of the time I come up with an answer to make whatever Warren-bred adult I’m talking to happy. Truthfully, my childhood here has been a love / hate relationship. We, as students, love Warren because we have been here our whole lives, but we all secretly know that one day we have to move out into the world and not come back. There is no future for us here. No jobs or houses. These adults who have chosen to stay, some are golden, but others just have old crushed dreams.

My mother raised me to be involved with my neighborhood, and as I’ve been growing up, I’ve been meeting more and more people who want to make Warren worth something, but is it really possible? I live in the “Garden District,” a made up name to try and cover up another nickname for my neighborhood, “Area 51.” Do I really live in a Garden District? Or do I live in a part of town that has no chance of surviving, but where hope will not surrender? So many questions coming from kids who deserve answers.

What is council doing to help this city? I’ve only seen a couple of them actually out working at cleanups. I live on a street with three abandoned houses. Where is the money to tear these houses down? A harsh reality needs to be brought to adults’ attention. We hate the sight of prostitutes walking down a thoroughfare! We hate vandalized and abandoned buildings! We hate having to walk to school on sidewalks that are cracked, broken or uneven … and in some places nonexistent! We hate the fact that the city got like this before we were even born!

Maybe some kids are just trying their best to grow up and get out, but I actually care about my hometown and I need changes, or I’m going to end up like my parents … or gone.

Celestia Hathhorn