Officer could have handled crash better


I was called to the accident on East Market and Laird June 10, 2013, on my route there. There was another car accident on South Street. Police were directing traffic due to the traffic lights being out. As I arrived on the scene, my daughter and a neighbor was being cared for by WFD and Howland EMS. I watched them and I must say they were very caring and professional while doing their job. I’ve seen that compassion and concern for these accident victims’ health while they were comforting them and trying to keep them awake and safe. Thank you guys so very much; you are appreciated.

However, as I stood talking to witnesses of the accident, a Ms. Penn said minutes after the car was hit a Warren officer came to their car and spoke to them very rudely and told them to get out of the car when the Jaws of Life had to be used to open the driver’s door. This bystander woman told him she did not think so and she said she did not appreciate how he was talking to these accident victims. See, you never know who is listening as you do your job your way and poorly. Is this the procedure of Warren’s Police Dept. in fatal accidents for certain people? If it is there needs to be a change.

Also I noticed in the police report that the person who broad-sided the car had some minor damage to his car but no insurance listed on the police report, yet this police officer let him drive home when his car should have been impounded as well. I can’t help to think about if the wheels were turned what may have happened.You know what I mean? With so many eyewitnesses, he writes in his report because of all the confusion no citation was issued.

Well, maybe had this officer been directing traffic during the traffic light outage instead of people on the street, maybe this would not have occurred. In crisis times like these people deserve a level of respect and none was shown to these accident victims by this officer. I know his behavior does not speak for the whole Warren Police Dept.

I’m sorry officer, but I see some bias here. Come on, Warren citizens, we deserve a little better.

Gale Johnson