Lack of demolitions in Warren is baffling


I am not understanding the complacency of the administration of the city of Warren.

They put together funds to receive matched money for demolitions. It is almost July, and there have been zero torn down. I know that all departments are overwhelmed, but sitting on free money will not alleviate that problem.

Our population is still on the decline and will be as long as the city is left looking like it is. Loyal residents who have stayed are getting discouraged. We need to see that the administration is serious about revitalizing the city and our neighborhoods.

We have ordinances that are not being enforced, houses that are falling down around everyone and no actions being taken. Revitalization always has started downtown but who wants to drive through the neighborhoods to get there looking like they do.

Our thoroughfares are falling apart and even the downtown area has blight. Where is the pride? Where is the leadership? The neighborhood groups work hard to try to make a difference but we can not do it alone.

Dawn Manley