July 4 interesting for gun supporters


The gun nuts are getting ready for war on July 4. It’s in a false cry and truly twisted belief that the Second Amendment gives them a right to take up arms against the very government that the majority of people have voted for simply because their minority side has lost the elections and support of the people.

Then who are the real tyrants here? In one breath they praise the police, the government for getting the Boston terrorists and in the next they are willing to shoot them because they are following the real tyrants like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and all the other right wing babies who can’t get their agenda of racism, sexism, prejudice, bigotry and hate to be accepted by the people.

These people of treason have no idea what they are doing and so in the words of Jesus, “God, forgive them for they know not what they do.” We law abiding citizens, however, will have to take a stand against this violence and use NRA’s own words against them in action with having the good guys with the guns, the police and our armed forces, stop those bad guys with the guns.

The NRA protesters will be in Washington, D.C., on July 4 in full force, locked and loaded, willing to die because they can’t handle a simple background check before purchasing a gun. Think about that. One gun nut radio guy even said that the parents’ loss in Newtown was less than his right to purchase a gun without a background check. Really? This is the mindset of the gun nut who has been totally embraced by the Republican party and also by all NRA members. I keep hearing how the vast majority of NRA members do not like their current leadership, but as is warned, if citizens do not act and vote them out there will be tyrants that take over in any organization, not just government.

The NRA lied about the recent bill and it was filibustered by the minority yet again. The minority in government, mainly the Republicans but in this case anyone voting against the recent bill, are the true tyrants of our current government and the real threat to democracy. Until they are voted out of controlling power there will always be this mentality keeping government from working and then also complaining about government not working. It’s the same as the kid who kills his parents then asks mercy on the court because he is an orphan. So wake up NRA members and get active in getting rid of this insane idea that treason is patriotism, that murder because you lost an election is acceptable, that there even is such a thing as Second Amendment remedies and get back to being civilized and voting. Then accept the outcome of that vote and work with it, not against it, as has been done since this country was founded. Compromise is not a dirty word, it is the American way

Great men like Franklin have said and believed dumb things before, and Franklin’s is the quote on “anyone willing to give up a little liberty for security deserves neither.” That is one dumb statement. You are free to drive anywhere in this country, but you must obey the laws and drive on the right side of the roads – there is one liberty lost and stop at stop signs, another liberty lost – and many other restrictions; yet because of those restrictions, you have even more liberty to drive safely anywhere, and we all do. You trust complete strangers every day with your life when you drive down a road and pass just a few feet from each other at high speeds. Liberty has its limits for the good of all as well as the individual. Gun nuts have no understanding of this concept and will pay for it and others with their lives because of their insanity.

— Leif P. Damstoft Sr., Warren