Engineer should show sympathy


Shame on you, Randy Smith. Sometimes in life rules need to be bent a little. You have no compassion (deep sympathy, pity) or empathy (the ability to share in another’s emotions, thoughts or feelings.)

Obviously you have never had cancer or been close to anyone going through this dreadful disease. I hope to God you never experience cancer or anything like this. The only way you would know what a person goes through, unfortunately, is to have cancer. I am not wishing this on anyone. I am a cancer survivor three times. Yes, that radiation and chemotherapy is just the pits.

You would deny a person some leeway while undergoing such a devastating illness. The lady is not taking time off for the flu but to receive cancer treatment. You need to put yourself in her shoes and think “what would Jesus do?”

Am I angry? You bet I am.

Pat Zoccali