Children should never be exposed


As I was reading in a recent edition of the Tribune about “Baggy britches banned,” and I thought, it’s about time somebody steps up to the plate to tell these people who “sag” to pull your pants up.

I remember in the mid 1990s when my son, now 31, was in junior high and high school, I put up a basketball hoop so he and his buddies could play basketball in the driveway. I had seen the “sagging” and thought how disrespectful it was to younger children, parents and grandparents. So my son’s buddies would come over to play ball and some of them had these pants hanging so low that I had to finally say something about it. I told my son’s buddies, “You come over here to my house, you better pull your pants up or go home.”

Well, needless to say, they respected my wishes because I told them all how I felt about it. My wife was here at the house, along with our young daughter, and I said “They don’t want to see you guys with your pants hanging off you.” So they knew if they wanted to play ball, pull your pants up. Personally, I don’t think it has ever been a fashion statement. I believe it’s a rebellious statement as to say, “Kiss my a–.” You see, some of these kids, and adults, who wear their pants so low they can hardly walk, they waddle instead. I’d think to myself, what if they were being chased by a dog or someone? They’d fall down before they could run. The first time I ever saw someone “sagging,” as they call it, I thought “That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen.”

My son was never into the sagging thing. Although he tried it a couple of times, he said to me, “That’s not my style, dad.” And I applauded him for that. And he even started telling his buddies to pull their pants up. I think it should be banned right here in Warren. There are “saggers” who walk down the streets, even past my house, and my grandson, who’s almost 7 years old, thinks it’s stupid.

And some of these parents now who try to get their young kids to “sag,” in my opinion, are not good parents. Children should never be exposed, or even taught that it’s OK to have your butt exposed in public. It’s crazy. I’m not that old-fashioned to know that this is just totally insane, and yes, down-right ignorant to be exposing yourself like that in public. I hope Warren will see that this is an epidemic and should be taken seriously.

Michael Adkins