Vote to support Lakeview levy


I strongly believe if you take a few moments to review the following information, you will use good judgment and vote yes to renew the Lakeview Local Schools 3.3 mill school levy on the Tuesdays ballot.

Lakeview scored Excellent with Distinction, the highest category on the most recent state report card. This is the 7th consecutive year we have received the excellent ranking. The prestigious U.S. News and World Report magazine published their 2012 Best High Schools rankings which are produced in conjunction with the American Institutes, one of the largest behavioral and social science research organizations in the world. Lakeview earned the highest rating in the four county area. Lakeview High School ranked in the top 7.3% in the nation and 91st among 873 Ohio High Schools.

We are very proud of the fact that we demonstrate high student performance while per pupil expenditure is very low relative to other county and state school districts. Lakeviews per pupil expenditure of $8,441.17 is significantly less than the state average of $10,597.21. Our taxpayers continue to earn a superior return on their investment as Lakeview ranks 14th out of 20 in Trumbull County in total school millage.

Our district is becoming increasingly dependent upon local funding because of the state budget crisis. The state has decreased our funding by $600,000 over the past two years by phasing out personal tangible tax reimbursements while annual state funding remains unchanged for 2013 and 2014.

We take a lot of pride in the accomplishments of the Lakeview Local School District, and a few highlights are provided below.

– The countys first Pre-School to Kindergarten transition collaboration program

– 26/26 State Report Card – ranked Excellent with Distinction

– Highest Average ACT Score in Trumbull County

– 97% of 2012 Lakeview graduates pursued post-secondary training

– 94% of the school districts in Ohio spend more money per pupil than Lakeview

– U.S. News and World Report magazine granted the prestigious Silver Award to Lakeview High School in 2012 which was in the top 7.3 percent nationally and highest in the 4 county area.

Again, this is not a new or additional tax

Bob Wilson

Superintendent, Lakeview School District