Terror victim can help increase faith


Something good comes out of Boston terror, the 8-year-old boy that was killed should be a poster child nationwide with him wearing that T-shirt that states ”Stop hurting people” and ”peace” below it.

Mass production of T-shirts with the boy’s picture with the slogan on it and sold at WalMart. A percentage of this price to go for helping the countless victims who suffered lost limbs and blown eardrums, etc. Millions would be sold.

May their faith not diminish their love for God. However, may their faith increase ever so stronger.

Jesus said, they first hated me and so will they that believe in me will also be hated as well. Not only for these victims but family and friends as well. They must show these ruthless terrorists they can be maimed and tormented and still, will their faith, not diminish, however, increase dramatically.

And don’t let them hate but love. And do their will toward God above all the torment they have gone through. This is the will of God.

We have a God who loves us and one who says love your neighbor as yourself. Not so with terrorists, suicide bombers and a God who does not exist. They are blind, wicked, full of hatred and lost souls who want change, change that will not bow to.

So I, as a Christian, know these terrible acts of terror and murder have only just begun in these last days before the return of our Lord. Keep the faith.

Russell Keen