Some ideas to move area further


It was the worst of times. It was the best of times. Don’t you think it is time we stop living in the 20th century and start focusing and laying hold of the promising 21st century development ideas for our cities’ short and medium time frames. Lets not get stuck in the current morass. Even God the Creator had to bring order out of the mess of creation.

There exists people in neighborhood groups, nonprofits, who are passionate about our future city possibilities. We haven’t heard much from them. Before development, we desperately need jobs. Here are some ideas:

Put people to work replacing the myriad leaking water lines in the city with a massive capital investment.

Put people to work renovating Packard and Perkins parks a vestige of what they used to be – trimming the trees and coordinated landscape plan, with plantings from the greenhouse, would be a start.

Put unemployed people to work in the ever-increasing vacant lots growing exponentially yearly, amounting to 2,000 to 3,000 eyesores. Form a co-op umbrella organization to pay a salary to workers supplying northeast Ohio and our city with fresh vegetables, fruits and grains. The new medical economy will rely on organic produce grown locally to increase wellness in our population.

Create Packard Lake in the old dilapidated Delphi property. In the very near term, water will be at a premium when fracking destroys potable water sources.

Employ an aggressive development specialist to travel the country in hot pursuit of biomedical, nanotechnology, communication or other rising advanced or basic new companies looking for finance and a home.

For those who care, we have many more creative ideas and are looking to form a group of interested citizens.

— P.J. Quinn, Warren