Septic issues were not thought out


What about the owners of these septic systems? As a homeowner with a septic system on my property, I have yet to see any issues printed about the use of my system.

When my system was installed, I was told by our health department that my system was selected based on square footage and number of bathrooms in my house. So now my tank is adequate for additional houses? Really?

Then there is the money issue. Who will pay for the electricity to run my pump? Who will be responsible for the yearly fees and repair costs? Am I expected to foot these myself? I read about Mrs. Glasspell’s fee to tie into her neighbor’s system is $16,000. That is the price to have one installed on your own property. So does the homeowner get some of that fee for tying in to their private tank? It truly seems to me that this was not thought out and it is yet another way to rob the people of this county. Show me where, as an owner of a septic system, this will benefit anyone but the Trumbull County Health Department.

Tana Ford

Newton Falls