Road department was insensitive about cat


Let me start off by saying not all road kill are just that.

Sunday we discovered our beloved cat Katie was missing. She somehow got out. We last saw her Saturday night in our home. She was a house cat.

Sadly, Tuesday morning I discovered her about six houses up on the side of road. After crying my eyes out, I began to try to find someone to remove her body. I ended up being connected with road sanitation.

I told him this is my pet and I am not able to remove her myself. He said someone would be right out. It wasn’t quite 10 a.m. yet, so after 2 p.m., I decided to check. She was still there.

I called back and they had closed. I left a message with the supervisor of the situation. I eventually got my friend Tiffani Mason and her fiance, Rob Zupp, to come get my Katie and properly bury her in my yard.

I thank them from the bottom of my heart. It was killing me knowing Katie was lying on the side of the street like trash that no one cared for.

The next morning the supervisor for the street department called. She told me there was no such address on my street that I gave them and that is why she wasn’t removed. I told her I gave the exact address and that I had gotten it taken care of. She then said, well that explains why because they went out this morning and nothing was there, promptly getting off phone.

What upsets me is if you were not able to get to it, say that, because again this was my pet and not some random stray, and then don’t lie that you came. No one did until the next day, and you only called because nothing could be found.

That phone call was so insensitive. Where is the compassion for people?

I wish I had gotten names. If you see this, please do better in the future with handling calls such as mine.

Katrina Marsh