Pay attention to taxes, welfare


This letter is in response to letters that have been in the paper about the Second Amendment and other issues relating to gun control, our freedoms and government control. First, I want to make it known that I’m not a prejudiced person. I am a white middle-aged female. My friends consist of multi-racial of which half are black.

They may be right for the reason the Second Amendment was originally written. However, things have really changed over the years, and this is the first time in American history that we have a president who votes on things in secret without the American public. He passed at least several issues into effect without the citizens having a voice. Most of the time he did this late in the evening and during the holidays while the people were asleep or busy celebrating these holidays with family and friends, unaware of what was going on at the White House.

He talks about the wealth being spread around. If it were not for seriousness of the matter, I would be laughing at this remark. Here is why: When my children were young and growing up, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. There were no handouts for me. I have four children, and we had to live on my husband’s paycheck alone. For years we have been considered low income, although not extremely poor. The government would not give me a handout unless I had a job working at least 30 hours a week. Some women my age might remember this 10 to 20 years ago. Now you have women who are deliberately popping out as many babies as they can without having to work a day at all because they know they will get government assistance.

They also say that there is no British tea taxation. They are right. It isn’t the British we have to watch out for. Our own government has raised taxes unjustly on the citizens while all the more they are spending money on wasteful vices. One example is the president closing down the White House for visitors like school groups and different organizations while hiring Tiger Woods to teach him golf lessons for around the same price it would cost to keep the White House open for these field trips. That is just one out of numerous examples I could bring out, along with the lavish vacations and unnecessary government programs. If you don’t think the people are being taxed more, you are either blind or hiding your head in the sand (most likely for selfish reasons). This president has more than tripled the American debt since he has been in office. It’s the blind leading the blind.

Just since last year the taxes from my paycheck have increased by almost 6 percent. Last year, I had only one exemption I was claiming on my paycheck. I live with my husband and two of my children still. All year long 11 to 11.5 percent was taken out of each paycheck. At the beginning of this year, I noticed all of a sudden they took out 13 percent. Then in March, it is up to almost 17 percent. I also noticed that they added two exemptions from one up to three without me even requesting it on a W-4. If they didn’t do that my taxes withheld would probably be up to 25 percent. If I was not paying attention to this since last year, I may have never noticed that the government did this. I recommend those reading this look at their paystubs from last year and compare them to this year’s.

— Ann Merlo, Warren