Objections to Saffold endorsement


I had very strong objections to your endorsement of Cheryl Saffold for 6th Ward Council and I wasn’t going to express my opinion about it. However, when I witnessed Cheryl Saffold’s behavior at the Meet the Candidate Night last week at TCAP, I knew I had to say something.

Since she got on council, I have seen and heard Chery Saffold take credit for projects that hard working 6th Ward citizens have already started and have been doing for YEARS. Ms. Saffold claimed that her goal was to work with all residents of the 6th Ward, then she shows up late to a Candidate Night, gets on stage and makes outrageous accusations against a longstanding organization like A. Phillip Randolph and then leaves in a prima dona fit and stands in the hallway with her family disrupting the rest of the forum. Is this the type of leadership the 6th Ward needs?

In the 20 and more years I have lived on the south side, I have done projects with many, many people to improve the neighborhood. I have neverdone a project with Cheryl Saffold, even though she stated she was doing a number of things for the south side of Warren. I have seen teens and 70 year old women doing clean ups (Earth Day at Quinby Park last Saturday), but I haven’t seen Cheryl Saffold working with groups, supporting existing groups OR trying to work on a unified project that includes all residents working for the same cause.

Your paper may have thought she was the best candidate to represent the 6th Ward, but as a resident of the 6th Ward, I’m saying no. We need a councilperson who is committed to everyone and every cause and not just the causes she claims she’s working on and never produce for the community. I think the Tribune needs to do more fact checking in the future before you list what “politicains” say they have done.

6th Ward residents, time to rise up and make your voice heard this upcoming Tuesday. You know the people who are really do what’s best for the south side and you know its NOT Cheryl Saffold.

Mary Williams