Music association welcomes Sunrise to bring more great acts


As the president of Warren Civic Music Association, I would personally like to join with the Tribune Chronicle editorial staff in your hope for the success of the agreement between the City of Warren, Sunrise Entertainment and Bob Early Productions.

I would, however, like to take issue with your comment, ”at the same time honoring the Packard family with a level of entertainment unseen at the music hall since the Kenley Players.”

Warren Civic Music Association is now in our 72nd year of bringing entertainment to Warren that we feel at least meets and often exceeds those of the previously mentioned promoters.

We wish them success, as we know what is good for Warren is good for the Warren Civic Music Association as well, and we hope they are able to bring entertainment to the music hall ”as has been done by Warren Civic Music Association for the last 72 years!”

Donald Senne