Lock up Congress to force decision


The people we elected to care for the American people are not doing that which we sent them to Washington to do. They had a chance to settle the sequester by a certain date; they couldn’t get it done. Like school children, they decided not to talk to each other and went home before the deadline, as if to thumb their noses at us.

I think the conclave would have had a better result. Lock all of them in a room, feed them but don’t let them out until they settle something.

As a result, a lot of Americans are losing their jobs and it’s affecting our military and the safety of our airports. It’s like they don’t care.

If we would shut off their income and health care, I’m sure the outcome would be different. They’re assured that that can’t happen.

Every American should make a list of their senators and representatives so when they come up for re-election, we could make a better choice and put people in office who will take care of the American people.

— Roger Yost, Warren