Hope and Change now Dumb and Dumber


Prior to the election in November of last year, there were weekly articles of support for Obama in the paper. He was going to be the Country’s savior and deliver us from all the wrongs the Bush administration did. It’s funny, but I haven’t seen any letters of support for Obama since then. Even the staunchest of Democrat supporters have been silent.

Maybe it’s because the president lied when he said his Obamacare plan was fully funded and that insurance premiums would actually go down as a result. Ask the businesses and individuals that are struggling with their 20 percent to 40 percent premium rate increases since Jan. 1.

Maybe it’s because he lied when he said if you make less than $250,000 a year your taxes would not go up. Anyone that looked at their first pay stub this past January knew that was a ruse as well.

Or is it possible that folks are jumping ship because of the lies and cover-ups of the Fast and Furious gun debacle, his hollow attempt at gun control legislation, or the Benghazi Consulate failure. Maybe it’s the IRS scandal, possibly the Associated Press and/or FOX reporter spying or his lavish million-dollar vacations.

You know that Obama lies because he has changed his story at least once on all the above. White House spokesman Jay Carney looks like a fool every day trying to defend his boss. You know things are rotten when simple direct questions are answered with ”I don’t know” and ”if.”

They must think we Americans are stupid and will fall for that crap. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hope and Change has turned into Dumb and Dumber.

Rod D. Zeck

Newton Falls