Fond memories of old Avalon Golf Course

I grew up on Avalon Golf Course and lived there for more than 11 years. What great days those were!

We lived in the black tar paper house that was 100+ years old on the course where my father Virgil Theis was the pro/greenskeeper. I can still picture the wonderful men who played golf in those days, including Gene DelGarbino who was taken from us so young ago.

Some names I remember include Alex Nagy, Tom Banish Sr. and Jr., Rick Ronci, Frank Petrick, Lou Poleno, Larry Luzac, Pete Prokop, Pete Kostyshak, Joe Campana, Toots Treater, Carmen Montecalvo, Lalu Sabotin, John Davis, Treadway Charles, Nick Mancini, Ted Ray, Ralph Bolander, brothers Cleo and Leo Elkins, Tommy Elwood, Fred Collins, Ronnie Nolan, Mike Farah (with his body guard who supposedly carried a machine gun in his golf bag), the Martino brothers, Tom Barto Sr. & Jr., the great guys from the Air Force Base and many others too numerous to mention.

There were also a few women who played there – Nancy Davis, Marilyn Mrus, Mildred Bako and others whose names I can’t recall.

I especially remember the wonderful day when Ben Hogan played at the course in 1951. What an occasion that was!

I hope that Old Avalon will some day come back to life and more generations can remember what a wonderful place it was to play golf.

Martha Theis

Citrus Heights, Calif.