Don’t blame boards, superintendents


Charter schools and vouchers take money from public school districts. Almost $800 million in state funding went to charter schools last year. Why increase public tax dollars to charter schools when most earned a failing grade from the last year?

It only puts millions into the pockets of the profiteers who run charter schools that helped elect Kasich governor. Expanding charter schools increases Kasich’s campaign profits at the expense of our children. Kasich has slashed money from our neighborhood schools, forcing local tax hikes.

Districts are asking voters this May and again in November for higher tax levies to maintain school programs needed by our students. Even though the Ohio Supreme Court has declared the state’s school-funding system unconstitutional because it relies too heavily on local property taxes, the system remains in place thanks to Kasich and the Republican majority who remain in contempt of court.

When people go to the polls, don’t blame superintendents or school boards.

— Ed Freisen, Newton Falls