Consider nearby Hiram College


This letter is written in response to editorials that were published on the 29th of both March and April. Each of the those pieces centered around the same topic of my alma mater, Hiram College, an institution that heavily affected my development for the better regarding what I wanted to do with my life.

The focus of this letter will expound upon the virtues of Hiram that were briefly explored in the aforementioned editorials.

In the U.S. there’s no shortage of top-quality higher education institutions to choose from. You name it, our country has it.

For the Mahoning Valley, many in the 18 and up age bracket opt for larger size fares of academia like Kent State or YSU, good places no doubt. But if you’re really looking for something that is its own experience in terms of intellectual development and eclectic course offerings, then Hiram College easily outdoes the other choices.

How can I be so confident in my old stomping grounds? Easy. I’m an entirely different person since I started there in 2004 and left in 2008, and the correlation and causation for that transformation are owed in large part to my time studying there.

Hiram has more than 160 years of development under its belt, and with an extensive roster of Ph.D. accredited professors and staff overseeing its programs the place will give you a full-fledged return on every single last cent of investment you put into it, intellectually and existentially.

I was able to see the world through its Study Abroad program, from the UK to the Netherlands, and became more conscious of the lands beyond our borders. I met people at Hiram that not only changed my life, but imbued it with a better appreciation of minds that worked differently than my own.

Only about half of the education you get in college comes from when you’re in a classroom. The other substantial slab comes from the relationships you form while you’re there, and superbly intimate dorms like Henry Hall were places where I formed many of those same relationships. Hiram knows well how to preserve its timeless virtues so I know that its president and board of trustees are going to keep its best features alive and flourishing.

And I should mention that the college does have its entrepreneurial Hiram Ventures program and a biomedical humanities major. I can imagine they’ve only added to the college’s grandeur since I left. The Hiram I knew had a way of making every aspect of its experience immersive as well as intriguing.

Hiram College has honestly got it where it counts and with a recent lull in enrollment, there’s more opportunities than ever for the ambitious minds of the Mahoning Valley to go out and get themselves a sensational education. With a beautiful campus and a short distance from the Warren area, Hiram College is worth a Sunday trip for a visit and, even better, a filled-out application form.

Robert Heltzel