Children are exposed to gun violence


As a former Warren resident, I was appalled to read about the recent rise in gun violence in the article ”Gunplay is becoming common in neighborhood” (May 3).

Growing up, I knew the Trumbull Homes were not the safest area in Warren, but there are children that live in the homes. It frightens me to know that the children are exposed to gun violence.

Resident Amanda George said she was frightened and she was worried about the safety of her 3-year-old child. When these gunshots were heard, reported by Nichol Nevison, it was around 4:30 in the afternoon; this is in broad daylight, when children are out of school and parents are out of work.

There also is a K-8 school, Willard, in the Trumbull Homes area. As an aunt of two boys who attend Willard, I am especially afraid for the safety of all the children attending it. These children are outside during recess and when they go home from school; being in that area, during the day, is obviously not safe enough anymore.

Warren police officer Martin Gargas states, ”The sad thing is while these guys are shooting up, someone else could get hurt in the crossfire.”

Children should not be put in this kind of danger. We need to do something, so the children in the Warren, Ohio, area are not exposed or hurt because of gun violence.

Victoria Cross