Blunders much greater than Nixon


There are a few coincidental areas that the in-power administration has in common with how a democracy or a representative government gets shattered. There comes along a party that will destroy the will of the people by promising the have-nots that they should be entitled to what the haves have. The middle class gets its middle-class wealth taken and distributed to the lower class and to the top of the bureaucracy that has destroyed our way of government.

What has history shown that were the ways that the Socialist, Nazi and the Communist parties used to knock down the will of the people and take over their governmental system?

1. Lie to the people about actions that were not taken to preserve life, i.e. Benghazi.

2. Take our Constitutional rights such as the right to bear arms.

3. Covertly take away the power of the press by putting fear into the reporters by getting personal information to use against them.

4. Having the taxation system work against the opposing political party.

And many more areas that probably will be exposed. How about taking billions of dollars to supposedly rescue businesses such as General Motors only to have them build a new Cadillac car plant in China? Or allowing money to go to production of a ”green technology” automobile in another foreign country, only to have them go bust.

Also remember the other ways this Obama Administration blew our money to where we are borrowing from a communist country – China – in order to pay back to them what we owe. His way of governing is a determination to destroy our democratic will and reduce us to where Communist Russia was in the early 1900s and where China was and most of the country still is, from 1945 to now. Look at North Korea. They are so secretive and the overwhelming rules that perpetrate freedom of god and country, unless it is the adoration of their leader.

How did we get so far off the track of being able to compromise so that the desire of the majority of the people is followed? How many of us can recall when an accidental open mike and recording camera heard and saw Obama tap the Russian Ambassador on the wrist and whisper, ”After the election,” (The president is caught on tape saying he’ll have “flexibility” on the issue after the election. Critics question his stance, and later, he says he’s not trying to “hide the ball.”) Did this mean in only dealing with missile defense? Or with everything he is now doing?

This man and his administration has blundered, at the cost of the citizens, in a much greater way than Nixon in Watergate.

Patrick M. Liste