Tod Avenue homes need cleaned up


Normally when I am driving somewhere, I don’t look around because all sights are familiar to me. The other day, however, I took a look at the run-down, boarded houses on South Tod. As I drove farther toward Lordstown, my heart sank. I was deeply saddened at the number of houses that were in sorely need of repair or demolition.

I felt I was in the slums of N.Y. or L.A. I am appalled at the way people who still live in some of the houses take no pride in them. Keeping old cars, trucks, broken bikes, etc., in your yard does nothing to enhance the appearance of your home.

I have a solution about demolishing abandoned houses. Contact the owners. Find out what they plan to do with the house that is on the property. If they cannot fix the house or don’t care to, then they need to pay for the demolition. If they refuse, then off to jail they go. If property owners have moved, they need to be found and forced to ”man up” and take care of the unsightly house they have left.

I understand this is a depressed area. But it doesn’t have to look like a slum area. Those of us who take care of our houses don’t like to see this run-down appearance. How are people suppose to move here if all they see are boarded up and unsightly houses. Come on folks!

Pat Zoccali