Time for some new leadersip in office


We the people of Warren have a bad habit of electing or re-electing the same circle of people into city offices time and time again. They then in turn treat the city as a large employment agency and hire in their relatives and friends without ever considering whether the new employee was qualified to do the job. Henceforth the inability of our elected officials to institute any kind of viable plan to redevelop the downtown areas or the main corridors coming into town and the inability to stop the deterioration of our neighborhoods.

We need new people who can think outside the box and come up with new and fresh ideas to move our city forward. A town of empty lots is not my idea of moving forward. This is why I am voting for Jim Graham for council president. He has proven his capabilities as a leader out at GM Lordstown. If you listen to his ideas and type of leadership he wants to bring to council and the city as a whole, I think you will agree he is definitely not from the circle of people I talked about earlier.

So do we elect the same-old, same-old and have politics as usual, which is slowly killing the city, or do we elect someone capable of new and fresh ideas with proven leadership like Jim Graham?

James C.K. Fell