There’s bigger issues than gun control


The new gun control agenda by the president is confusing. I think he is just trying to please his liberal left colleagues. The president’s proposal would not have stopped any of the mass shootings. It is a social problem that is going to take time and work to heal and fix, if ever.

I would rather talk about the 90 million Americans who are of age and are out of the work force. Some 47.8 million are on food stamps, a 70 percent increase since he took over the economy.

A $16 trillion deficit and record numbers on disability last month. 81,000 new ones, and guess what, there were 85,000 jobs lost.

Let’s talk about all the suffering Americans and out-of-control spending too. I don’t see how you can legislate insane people and make honest people lose Second Amendment rights.

Insane people don’t care about laws. I would rather keep my Second Amendment rights and have the president concentrate on the real problem – our culture and breakdown of family and ethics – and leave the Second Amendment alone and do his job that he took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States.

Nick Boxler

Newton Falls