Support the levy for Champion Schools


The vote for the Champion School levy is fast approaching. I wanted to make a couple points regarding homeowners who object to an increase in their real estate taxes. Keep in mind, when the time comes that they need to sell their property, without a good school system, homes will be worthless. Potential buyers with children will bypass homes in lieu of an area with a school system that offers the best program.

I personally graduated from Champion, my son graduated from Champion and my grandchildren are in the Champion school system. My grandchildren were saddened by the closing of the school library. They have classmates who don’t have the luxury of going to the public library, books at home or owning a Kindle, so these children are especially missing out on the benefits books have to offer them.

Art and computer technology will also be affected. The elementary school will be minus a guidance counselor. Where can a child who doesn’t have a support system at home turn to?

I have only touched on a few issues that the levy affects. The bottom line is, are the champion youths worth the approximately $15 to $20 a month it will cost us in taxes?

The answer is yes.

Debby Jones