Stay up to date on your alarm system


The citizens of Warren who have monitored security systems need to step up to the plate and help curb multiple false alarms to the same address.

If your system needs repairs or updates, bypass the zone(s) causing the problem and get them serviced or shut the system down till you can get the needed repairs.

If you are not sure why you are getting false alarms call your security provider and talk to the service department. Often problems can be identified and corrected over the phone.

Make sure everyone who has keyed access to your property knows how to operate, set and disarm your alarm. Keep your emergency call list up to date with your alarm company. Alert them to any contact changes as soon as possible.

When calls come in to verify possible emergencies from your security company, answer the phone. If you are unable to get to your residence call a neighbor and ask them look out their window and see what might be going on before the police are dispatched.

The Warren Police Department has done an excellent job responding to alarm calls. Let’s do our part and show the department we can be responsible monitored alarm system owners.

Troy Kahler