School funding issue begins in Columbus


The Champion School Board has done its job until now. The levy they put on last time went down the same as this levy will. As for myself, I retired 15 years ago. The price of gas at that time was around 97 cents a gallon. Bread, milk, eggs, meat? They have all gone up. Now, in the 15 years, I have had Social Security go up two times at about $20 a month, and Medicare costs have gone up a couple of times.

I have to buy all dental, vision, prescription and health care through Social Security, and it is not the best. After about six months of my prescriptions, I go into the donut hole and have to pay full price the rest of the year.

Now they are after the wrong people; we have not stopped paying our taxes, the state of Ohio has. I think the school boards in the state should get together and park in Columbus with the representatives and go after the governor. He has been the one to cut the money flow, not us poor people of the township. They should stay in Columbus until they get results.

Richard Hawkins