Petition to deny parole based on lies


Recently, the late Officer John Utlak’s sister had an online petition to deny parole for Fred Joseph and Randy Fellows, convicted of murder in his death. This petition was based on lies. The only truth was her brother is deceased.

Mr. Fellows is not a sociopath like the petition said. As for remorse, he did apologize to the family. He is not this hateful individual that she made him out to be.

I became friends with Randy not too long ago. He is a very compassionate and trustworthy human being. You would never know he has spent 30 years locked up. He shows no hatred towards others and is very supportive.

I signed the petition because I believed it. I did not know Randy at the time I signed it. Now I can’t take my signature back. If I could I would.

Mr. Fellows has a web page that his family and a few friends have started so he can get his side of the story out after 30 years. It is

Everything he says, he has proof to back up. You can’t argue with facts. People should be ashamed of themselves for keeping him locked up this long for a crime he did not commit and for keeping him behind bars by a petition that was false.

Rose Marie Dodrill